So…. you took the Plunge!

 You  jumped off the high dive into the vast pool of Adoption only to find out that “splat” you landed with a big fat belly flop! OUCH!!!

Your intentions were good. Your ambitions high. Your love tank full.  You were ready!! “Let’s do this!!! Bring it on”….with motivation behind your words and determination in your heart, you marched forward head high.

Then you get a reality check. Who knew it would be this hard and hurt this much? You didn’t! If you did, you wouldn’t have done it. But you did. And now your left to pick up the pieces to the life you once knew and try to put it back together again in a seemingly productive way.

Having to re-learn  what your “new normal” is, you try to be the mother of a child or children who have been left behind.  They have been abandoned. Rejected. Malnourished. Hurt. Abused.  All the affects that were brought on by someone else. Not you. No, your the one trying to help. The shoulder for them to cry on. The safe arms they should run to. The voice of reason they should listen to.  Your hope is they would receive your years of experience as a human being or even as a Mom [to your own bio kids, whom you think turned out pretty good if you do say so yourself! ).  You hope they will be grateful for all the toys, food, shelter, clothing, Disney Vacations, Sea World trips and more that your providing for them. All the new life experiences that they would not have known, if it weren’t for you.  You expect them with ears and hearts wide open to receive all that you willingly offer. But the response is not what you expected.  Now suddenly your the one feeling rejected, hurt, and your spirit depleted.

Welcome to the RAW truth of Adoption.

Is this how it will always be? Is this as good as it gets?

Or is there more?

We hope so. That’s why we keep going. We don’t give up. We keep pouring out just a little bit more of ourselves then we did yesterday. Hoping that today will be the day….

My brave and courageous friends, and beautifully used servants …..this Blog is for You!


One thought on “So…. you took the Plunge!

  1. Ah yes! Too much truth here. Not sure if it’s lack of trust or reactive attachment disorder but all that wonderful advice and love you want to give is just kind of pushed away and ignored. Ouch! But God continues to pour into us so by His strength we can hopefully get thicker skin. And keep on keeping on.

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