Mother’s Posses Influence

How do we as women use our gift of influence in our home……


On a walk one day, I suddenly had an image flash across my mind which had such a profound impact on me. I imagined myself getting out of my car and unloading from my trunk a garbage can. Then scurrying about my day performing my tasks at various places and at home with my family. With me, I dragged along a foul and profuse garbage can with spoiled foods gushing out of its sides. It had an odorous stench so strong that it caused people to stop in their tracks and take notice.

 It dawned on me.

I was carrying around filthy garbage, only on the inside of me. It was becoming such a problem that I couldn’t hide my feelings anymore and it was beginning to contaminate my influence in the home. All that spilled out of me was rotten negativity. Granted, a lot of my feelings were a result of my adoption along with circumstantial hardships of life….So I harbored much hurt, resentment, bitterness…..even regret. You name it, I probably felt it at one time or another.  I allowed that garbage to create an unpleasant aroma in my life and it was becoming my new “companion“.

 It’s time to take out the garbage!!!

As an adoptive parent we are exposed to a multifold of challenges which can often agitate our superficial layers and cause what lies beneath to emerge. Old emotions or childhood hurts we may not have known were there. This can greatly impact our influence over our children. We can’t ignore it. We have to deal with the “junk”, so that alterations can be made. If we allow ourselves to go there and invite God in, giving him complete access to our personal space, then healing can begin. His Spirit will reveal , uncover and lay bear those contemptible places in our hearts.

Getting personal changes our view about everything. The closer we draw to God, the more capable we are for the challenge. Cooperating with Him as He cleans out our junk, will result in a more pleasing aroma and will bring favorable influence as a Mother to the Motherless. Our  humility to get low and get deep  will dramatically change our mental attitude from “what about me, to what about them”…. thus making our ability to care for them more rewarding.

You’ve heard the saying…” God can heal a broken heart but He has to have all the pieces.”

What are you waiting for…. go get the trash adult-back-view-bag-1549527

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Posses Influence

  1. I do appreciate your vulnerability to share your experience of recognizing the garbage can God revealed. I think everyone who walks with God has this experience. Paul called his dung. Wasn’t there a prophet with unclean lips called to speak? Our flesh never can measure up to the task he calls us to and that is why the Holy Spirit has such a busy day reminding us not by our flesh but by God’s spirit alone. The danger is to think He can’t remove the garbage and accomplish His will through our cleaned out pail! God is our Mr Clean 🧽 scouring out our spirits to be a blessing to others!


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