Doing this changed my life!!

Mothering Adopted Children

Have you ever heard this phrase?

What you starve will die and what you feed will live…..

Ihave actively tried this concept on my self, in my marriage and in teaching my children.

For me it started when I began to pay closer attention to my responses to certain people or situations. When I resolved NOT to give into a learned reaction, I starved the bad habbit. The more I abandoned those tendancies, through starvation, the less likely I was to continue in them. But, if I tried something new and fed it with the motive of producing a positive reaction in others, then I was in essence feeding myself and would eventually bask in the overflow.

With My Children

Being the mother of biological and adopted children with “special needs”, I have to get creative with new ways of discipline. Sometimes one way isn’t enough to get the…

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